Far West Division Alumni Program
Tim Viall
FWD Alumni Advisor,

I'm a 35 year member of the NSP, 10 years at Mount Spokane National Ski Patrol in the Pacific Northwest, and 25 years with the Dodge Ridge Patrol in the Far West Division. About 15 years ago I received my National Appointment - 9650, and have been active as an instructor and patrol leader over the past 25 years. Having recently moved to alumni status, I continue as the division newsletter editor and alumni adviser. I'm available to help organize alumni activities and events, so please contact me with your questions and suggests.

Alumni program is growing in the Far West Division!
To celebrate this year’s 40th anniversary of the NSP’s Alumni Program, we’re working to collect alumni member’s information as to your “former Patrol” and “former Region”. This will allow your former patrol and/or region to contact you for special patrol or regional events (like the Eastern Sierra Region’s Alumni Celebration Day in March). Here’s what you need to do:

If you are currently an Alumni member, please send your name, former Patrol and former Region to FWD Alumni Advisor Tim Viall, tviall@msn.com, who will add that insight to the Alumni database and share with your old patrol and region.

If you would like to join as an NSP Alumni, merely download the Membership form (below), send with your annual dues of $30 to the NSP Denver office. Please also email your name, former Patrol and former Region to FWD Alumni Advisor Tim Viall, tviall@msn.com, who will add that insight to the Alumni database and share with your old patrol and region.
There are currently 400+ registered Alumni in the Far West Division (FWD) of the National Ski Patrol. This is a wealth of experience, talent, knowledge and dedication. While the Alumni Program is certainly an excellent way to "retire" from active patrolling it also has the potential of a vast resource of needed skill and expertise to supplement the efforts of the "active" membership.
FWD Alumni Ski Day at Heavenly, 2016

FWD Alumni met for an Alumni Celebration Day at Sugar Bowl in March, 2015

There is no doubt that your collective experience can substantially add to the current goals of your patrol, the FWD and National Ski Patrol. There are many reasons to go "inactive" beside "retirement": family responsibilities, health issues, a move to the south seas, new additions to the family, job responsibilities and so on.

What are your ideas?

With your interest and help, additional value and enthusiasm can be added to a well-established Alumni Program. Your individual input is needed to grow the Alumni Program and your ideas will be appreciated. Some possible suggested directions for alumni include:

  • A resource list of willing alumni that can be called upon from time to time to assist with specific projects and functions.
  • Alumni reunions, perhaps as part of the Divisional meetings.
  • Alumni participation in patrol training activities, as well as regional and divisional National Patroller Education Conference type events.
  • Involvement in fund raising on a local and corporate level, lobbying efforts, patrol administrative support, and numerous other service projects.
  • Documenting your patrol experiences that add to the NSP history & heritage.
  • Alumni recognition and identification such as wearing apparel.
  • Alumni perks such as ski pass discounts, access to the NSP catalogue and varied NSP “pro deals”.

Individual patrols are advised to consider the following:

  • Establishing an Alumni Advisor for your individual patrol, to take the lead on building alumni support, activities for alumni in the patrol, and opportunities for alumni who wish to remain active with their old patrol.
  • Advise current patrollers of “life after active patrolling” as an alumni in the patrol, the FWD and the NSP.
  • Keep current patrol leadership thinking of ways to retain, and involve, patrol alumni and those “contemplating going inactive”.
  • Share your patrol’s Alumni Advisor’s contact information with your region’s and the FWD’s Alumni Advisor, so individual patrols receive ongoing alumni updates and tools!

Click here for these resources:

NSP Alumni Manual

Suggested job description for a patrol Alumni Advisor

Alumni Registration Form

For more information, contact
Tim Viall, FWD Alumni Advisor, 209.969.3875

Far West Division Alumni Advisor